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Solid waste is any waste that is solid in nature, semi solid, liquid or in gas forms. There are different types of solid waste depending on where it comes from; there is household waste also known as municipal waste, biomedical waste also known as hospital or infectious waste and industrial waste known as hazardous waste. Solid waste management is essentially collecting and disposing of these wastes in the right manner so that the environment is protected and clean. The different types of solid waste have different disposal methods.

Solid waste management is done in a number of ways depending on the type and manner of waste. Landfill is where solid waste is dumped in a dumping site. They are mostly situated in places where there are old quarries and mining pits. This is because these areas have existing holes already. This types of pits have a number of advantages such as paper rubbish and other light rubbish will not be blown out of the landfill and litter the surrounding areas and it reduces the infestation of pests and vermin. A good landfill is treated so that certain dangerous by products are dealt with safely. This includes pumping out greenhouse gases which can kill surface vegetation and cause bad odors in the surrounding areas and it will also produce electricity.

Recycling is another way to deal with solid waste. Materials such as plastic and glass jars, bottles and containers are cleaned and reused instead of disposing of them. Other materials that can be recycled are paper, aluminum cans and containers. Electronic waste can also be recycled through a more complex process. Recycling greatly reduces the amount of waste that has to be disposed off. Incinerating or burning is another way of solid waste management which is especially useful for getting rid of hazardous waste. It also reduces the amount of waste that has to be disposed and is very effective. However, the gases that are emitted during the process of burning are thought to sometimes pollute the environment even more.

Composting is where organic waste is converted to humus or manure by micro-organisms which can then be used in farms to grow plants. This is an effective method of waste disposal as it greatly reduces the amount of waste to be reduced and the by product is a highly nutritious fertilizer for plants. In large compost pits, the gas that is produced such as methane can be captured and used to generate energy for use in the home which can help subsidize the energy that is used.

Other methods of solid waste management are avoiding generating more waste by using what you have. For example to reduce the amount of paper waste that you generate, you can use a recyclable bag every time you go for shopping. Solid waste management is done in regards to the type of waste that is being disposed off. Special care is taken when disposing of infectious and hazardous wastes to prevent infections or instances where the waste will cause environmental degradation.

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